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    Hello, my name is Bhagat Singh. I am currently 21 years old and trying to get better at everything I do, as an artist, as a science-student, as a philosophy enthusiast and as a Sikh. I am looking to develop educational and entertaining computer games based on Sikh relgion, culture and aesthetics. I sell prints of my my original hand made art so I can support my own growth and education, and pay for such projects.
    Here at Sikhi Art, you guys have the opportunity to support this development while gaining something in return, your own art print. Printed on either canvas or heavy paper, my art prints are of the highest quality and long life span. They feel like a painting to the touch, strong and sturdy, with beautiful texture. These are prints that you can cherish as an individual, as friends and as family, while at the same time knowing that they will have a greater, positive impact on the Sikh community.

BBS Featured Image

Capturing the Red Fort

Bhai Baghel Singh (1730 – 1802) won over the Red Fort during the Sikh Misl period. First looting the neighbouring villages and towns, he along with other Sardars attacked the Red Fort in March of 1783. The Sardars settled on a treaty with the Emperor, collected their loot and returned to Punjab. However, Bhai Baghel … Continue reading

Share Sikhi Art with Others

All content on Sikhi Art can now be easily shared among family and friends, on any service you wish. Simply look for the “Share” button at the very bottom of a post or page, and select the desired service. We have enabled sharing through Email, Facebook and Twitter. However, if there are any services you … Continue reading

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New Painting – Guru Nanak Dev ji

You’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve just released a painting on Guru Nanak Dev ji. It depicts Guru Nanak Dev ji and Bhai Mardana ji, doing Kirtan to spread spiritual practices, moral teachings and egalitarian principles. Please contact Sikhi Art to buy this painting now. “Men (and women) from all over the world and … Continue reading


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