Brushwork of Guru Sahib's Turban Ornaments
  • My connection with Sikh History is very emotional since a lot of events are filled with such energy that they have the power to excite me or move me to tears. My earlier work was about Bir Ras that Sikh Martyrs displayed when they charged into battle, and sacrificed their lives. In my later work, I painted several paintings with teary eyes. Immersed in meditation, I painted the spiritual experiences of Sikh Saints, the Sant Ras.

    My vision is to continue to paint more events and personalities of our Sikh Heritage and I want you to be a part of that vision!

Brushwork of Guru Sahib's Turban Ornaments

New Painting of Dashmesh Pita – Happy Vaisakhi

Newest Release My newest painting depicting Dashmesh Pita – Guru Gobind Singh ji – is a reminder that through the Guru’s teachings we can illuminate the darkness in the mind. In this painting, Dashmesh Pita reflects Akal Purakh’s light, the way the moon reflects the sun, and when we bathe in Guru Sahib’s warmth, we … Continue reading

Featured Post Banda Singh Bahadur Bairagi Madho Madhav das sikh general vaishnav vaishnu khalsa nihang fateh warrior

New Painting – Banda Singh Bahadur

Newest Release With galloping horses, kicking up dirt and debris, Baba Banda Singh ji Bahadur and his Singhs surround the cruel Wazir Khan and aim their spears at him! Wazir Khan’s horse is slain and falls to the ground, representing the fall of Sirhind, and he is forced to defend himself as he collapses to … Continue reading

Akali Chief Beware the Claw Bhagat Singh Bedi Nihang Fantasy Art Featured Post

Introducing Fantasy Paintings with ‘Akali Chief’

When Bhagat lets his imagination run loose, the result is badass warriors with hugeass turbans that look damn cool! Each painting tells its own story and a whole new universe comes into being. Inspired by Sikh aesthetics, these Fantasy Paintings are hand-painted by Bhagat, capturing years of day-dreaming in science classes. Akali Chief – Beware … Continue reading

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